11 July 2012

So up close.

Twenty-nine was -for me- this intense, fierce, compassionate, unyielding, forgiving, hungry, shaky, grounding, personal reformation. I examined the life out of life, pledged vegan, and became smarter, with the main ideal to suck less as an all around human.

Double knotting those loose laces, strengthening vocal cords, loosening grips and tightening others.

I have a lot to do this year. I sat through my 20s -and boy is my butt numb. Roll 30 my way, July, I've got my running shoes on!

Yep, so uh, I'll be 30 tomorrow. And I'm dubbing this stage my "monkey stage." You know, like that haircut you're trying to grow out that winds up in this awkward stage that makes you look lopsided, unkempt. You can't quite make that ponytail, but you'll try anything to avoid leaving your hair down. "What do I do with it? How do I style it?"

So I'm learning how to do my hair.


Natalie said...

Sorry, i missed your birthday love! I hope you have another year of epic moments and fabulous photos. See you in October!


shanti said...

Nat! Thanks for coming through. I was considering not going this year, but we had such a good time - even as strangers- that I can't stay away! Hope life is treating you well and I look forward to our next encounter.


ps> sweet site, kid!

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