10 January 2012

Footloose + Fancy Free

I'd like to start my hibernation any day now, seeing as it's January in Boston and all -happy new year, btw-, yet the erratic 50degree days have been pulling me outside! No complaints, really, especially since I managed to sneak my camera into the playground one day while Ava was too busy having fun to care! I couldn't help myself. Radio Flyer bike in tow, carefree air clouding her head, and a willing momma to chase her everywhere she so desires, "today... today was a good day."

We were the first ones at the skate park. Then a slew of kids came around. Then there was a taker who caught wind of Ava's free will up a hill. Catching a second round at the park, it got a little crowded for her taste, so back to the field she goes to keep herself -well, me- engaged for a bit. Gravity had no hold on this one that day. I swear, I could almost see wings on her happiness. <3 S

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