30 August 2011


Eny and I met 8 years ago in the college dining hall. She was telling a story of her recent trip to Miami and all I could think was 'wow, this girl is gorgeous and sooo cool! Where did she come from?' We became instant friends. Her smile was radiant and her attitude was contagious. {It sounds like I fell in love with her a little, doesn't it. I probably did.} Well, a lot happens in 8 years, tremendous transformations, trials, and growth. I am honored to say we have been side by side through it all. This past weekend I witnessed a much deserved union between Eny and her new husband, Paul, and the wonderful families they gained along with it. As a bridesmaid {I know, right?} I was only able to capture -with my camera- the transformation of Eny into a Bride before I had to tuck away my camera and put my dutiful, pink dress on. The saying goes, rain on your wedding day brings luck and a long happy marriage. Well, thanks to Hurricane Irene for watering us from ceremony to reception to the morning after, Irene and I bid you two a fabulous honeymoon in Hawai'i and a beautiful life together! I love you! +Shanti

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